Psychic Readings

What does a Psychic Reading Involve?

 Carolyn the Gypsy  Fortune Teller is a tarot reader, psychic, clairaudient, and medium.  Your psychic reading with Carolyn can cover whatever you’d like to know  about.


  • Spiritual Matters
  • Love
  • Marriage 
  • Wealth
  • Legal Issues
  • Issues with people who have passed away

A psychic reading by Carolyn can bring you clarity and peace. Carolyn's tarot card readings and clairvoyant messages can help you along your path to your future. Carolyn is based in Bowmanville but will also provide readings over the phone for clients around the globe.

Tarot Card Readings

For a tarot card reading, Carolyn picks up on your energy when you shuffle the cards that she is reading in the session. The tarot card reading is about the placement of the cards. Carolyn will do a number of spreads to access your fortune.

All the readings are recorded on a CD for you at no extra cost so you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything from your reading. The CD is sent out by mail for phone readings or simply given to you if the reading was in person.


 At the start your reading, Carolyn will ask for your name and birthdate  which she will add up for your numerology reading. She will pick the  card that represents you out of the deck of cards based on your  astrological sign or what you look like. Carolyn will use this card to  represent you throughout the reading. She will explain your card using  numerology what year you’ve reached in your life and what to expect for  that year. 

Destiny Card Readings

 You will then receive your destiny card reading, which tells you about  the rest of your life. Your destiny card shows Carolyn what you could be  doing with your life (if you aren’t already doing it). From there, you  can ask for readings about family members or specific events going on in  your life. 


 The Gypsy Fortune Teller will do presentations to small or large groups. Please contact Carolyn direct at 289-404-4538 for more information, or email us.


In-Person or Phone Readings

Party Readings - 8 to 10 people

Party Readings - 8 to 10 people


The Gypsy Fortune Teller will do one general psychic reading that includes a tarot spread, numerology, and destiny cards. Within this general reading, you’re encouraged to ask questions regarding the answers you are seeking. The cost is $60 for 40 mins.

Party Readings - 8 to 10 people

Party Readings - 8 to 10 people

Party Readings - 8 to 10 people


For parties of 8-10 people the costs are $60 for 30 mins. per person/per reading. The Gypsy Fortune Teller will travel within the Greater Toronto Area, around Newcastle/Oshawa, and as far north as Barrie.