About Carolyn Sweet


Carolyn is a Tarot reader who started at the young age of 20, she has been reading professionally and internationally for over 20yrs. This is a family trait that was genetically passed on by her Great Aunt, who was a sought-after Psychic, Astrologist, Medium and Clairvoyant. Born in a 12th house in astrology and a 9 yr in numerology, she was destined right from the get-go to help people on their paths of life.

Carolyn is a gifted Tarot reader and has made appearances on local television, Internet radio and TSN radio. She is the former psychic who did readings at the old English Pub called The Jesters Court, in Port Perry. This house has been on many TV programs, one being, Creepy Canada, and is also in a bestselling book called Haunted Ontario by Terry Boyle.

If there’s something your concerned or curious about that’s happening in your life, then Carolyn is the one to see. She will set you on a guided path to creating a less stressful life and give you more clarity on situations that were unforeseeable.