Can Carolyn help me talk to my loved one that passed away?

Carolyn is a medium but that is not her specialty. She cannot promise to be able to connect you to anyone on the other side. Sometimes spirits connect with her and sometimes they don’t. While they may connect with her in some way during your reading, there is no guarantee Carolyn specializes in telling you about your future, and helping you along your life path.

Is seeing Carolyn for a psychic reading safe?

Absolutely. In terms of negative energy, Carolyn cleanses herself before every reading to ensure no negative energy is allowed in. If you’re worried about confidentiality, Carolyn is bound by a client-practitioner privacy agreement just like one you would have with a psychologist. She will never reveal any of your details to anyone.   

Please read our legal disclaimer to understand more about the safety of a psychic reading with Carolyn.

What kinds of readings can I get?

Carolyn does one general psychic reading that includes a tarot spread, numerology, and destiny cards. Within this general reading, you’re encouraged to let Carolyn know the specifics of what you’re looking for (e.g. money, health, legal problems, etc. Carolyn can also do tea leaf readings. This must be done in person.

What is psychic tarot reader?

A psychic tarot reader is someone who picks up on your energy when you shuffle the deck of tarot cards. As you shuffle, your energy goes into the cards and the psychic can pick up on your energy. From there, the psychic can tell certain things about your future.

Can I get my psychic reading done over the phone? How does that work?

Yes, you can get your psychic reading done over the phone. It works because Carolyn needs to feel your energy, and she can pick up on it by hearing your voice. The process is similar to how she would conduct a reading in person.

Do I have to bring anything to my psychic reading appointment?

No, you do not have to bring anything. Just yourself. Carolyn will provide all of the materials

What is numerology?

It’s a process Carolyn uses to gain insight about you. It’s based on the day and the month of your birth. She can tell you what to expect based on all the numbers within a given year.

What are destiny cards?

Destiny cards are a regular deck of cards with each of the 52 cards representing the 52 weeks in a year. Everyone has a birthday, and they are born with a card that represents that day.

What if I don’t remember what happened at my reading

Carolyn records your entire reading on a CD at no extra cost to you. For in person readings, you will receive your CD right away. For phone readings, your CD will be mailed to you.

Help! I need to cancel my appointment!

Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. If cancelled after 24 hours, you will be charged a cancellation fee. If your cancellation is due to inclement weather, then you can re-book your appointment at no additional cost.

To cancel your appointment or re-book, please call Carolyn at 289-404-4538.