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Carolyn Sweet - Psychic ReadingsCarolyn discovered her gift at a young age, which is no surprise given her family history. At only 20 years old, Carolyn started professionally reading tarot cards. As you can see in the picture to the left, Carolyn (who is 2nd from the right in the black dress) at the age of 21 has Orbs all around her and not her family. Those Orbs are a sign of Spirits that are connected to her from birth and shows that she was chosen to be a healer and to help people along their path. Carolyn has mastered her skills by learning from her family and various pieces of literature for over 30 years. She never went to formal classes for psychics, so Carolyn gives you whole, raw, unfiltered readings.

Carolyn is a Bowmanville native who did readings out of The Jester’s Court Restaurant with Sharon Bradley from Psychic Cottage. The Jester’s Court is one of Ontario’s famed buildings, being known for its ghostly encounters. Before it was converted into a pub, it was considered one of the most haunted houses in Canada. However, Carolyn doesn’t stop at simply keeping her gift within her local limits. She’s been featured on Roger’s TV, an international internet radio show, and TSN radio.

Carolyn is truly a master fortune teller, that’s why people all over Canada and the US have come to her for guidance. Are you curious about what your future holds? You can make an appointment to talk to Carolyn today. Click here.

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